Are you looking for an opportunity to learn more about protecting and growing your wealth?  We host seminars on a variety of topics in our Roanoke office.  We also offer teleconferences and web-based meetings for those who are outside of Roanoke.


Wise Women Leave a Legacy – A comfortable environment where women can connect and learn something new each month about managing their wealth wisely.

Inspired by the wise woman described in chapter 31 of Proverbs in Holy Scripture, we apply those ancient principles to wisely manage our resources in the 21st Century.  Each month we have a Market Focus, a Wise Step, a Book Tip and Tools & Resources.

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Navigating Turbulent Markets Americans have lost millions of dollars because they have been misinformed about this economy.  The message of “Hold and Hope” is not working in today’s market.  Now more than ever investors need expert advice to protect and grow their wealth.

Listen to top experts explain why traditional asset allocation has failed miserably in this decade.  The S&P 500 ten years later is still -30% below the top in early 2000.  Why and what can you do to protect your money from further losses?

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The New Retirement is a presentation that confronts the challenges to a secure retirement and offers solutions to implement yourself or with the help of an advisor.

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