Investors Encouraged by 1st Quarter Earnings Reports

The Dow held its gains for the first half of May, staying within 100 points of its all-time closing high set on March 1st.  Then on May 17th it suffered the biggest one day decline since the November election.  With hindsight the drop turned out to be but a blip on the chart as the stock market recovered quickly.  By May 31st the Dow gained 1/3rd of one … [Read more...]

Stock Market Surges Ahead in February

The stock market picked up steam in February and surged upward much as it did in November following the election. There can be no question that investors are looking forward to a robust economy powered by lower taxes, fewer regulations and an aggressive rebuilding of the infrastructure of this country. The outstanding question is how will this be paid for … [Read more...]

September 11th – The Tenth Anniversary

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the worst attack ever on our citizens and on our soil, it is normal and it is good to pause and reflect. When I see replays of the twin towers crashing to the ground, I feel the pain and the anguish all over again, almost as I did on that day ten years ago. I witnessed in real time, the brave New York firemen rushing … [Read more...]